Hack Attempt

Over the past two weeks we have seen a progressive increase in attempts to hack both this site and the Storm Harvest site, which both reside on the same server.

After exhaustive testing, we have been able to identify that it is our commenting system that is being exploited by some unscrupulous person offshore, in an effort to crash the server and to steal and/or destroy all our data.

Even though I had brought the commenting system back online earlier on after adding some additional security measures, it seems that it remains unsafe for now. Please be patient. I’ll bring it back online as soon as possible.


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… aaaand we’re back …

What a couple of weeks it’s been!

By now you’d be well aware that our server was taken offline about two weeks ago. It all began with some system instability about a month ago, and then, two weeks ago …. CRASH!

Well, after spending almost every waking moment on trying to resolve the problem, including having some "intense times of fellowship" with our previous data centre, sending hard drives to a data recovery specialist, setting up a new server, and getting everything restored to working order, we’re finally back online.

I would ask that you let us know if you experience any problems with the site. Is there missing content?  Do all the links you visit work?  Does everything appear normal to you as a user?  Your feedback will be invaluable in helping me make sure everything is as it should be.

Thanks so much for your patience. Elvis is back in the building!


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An Update to Our Podcast via iTunes

Well, after nearly two years of successfully operating the Wind Farm Podcast via iTunes, for some unknown reason, they decided they could no longer read our podcast’s feed.

And it seems that we were not the only ones, as there has been a great deal of chatter about the problem online recently.

Anyway, I have managed to successfully update the podcast via iTunes but, even though they’d told us it would be reinstated with the same details, it wasn’t. Surprise, surprise.

As a result, I have updated all of the podcast links site-wide and would ask that you update your subscription via iTunes or your custom podcatcher. All you need to do is click on either of the relevant links in the left-hand column of the Wind Farm, or simply use the link below, and that will lead you to what needs updating.

Thanks for your understanding.



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APRIL Breathing Space this Saturday

This is just a quick reminder that our April quiet day, now known as Breathing Space, is coming up this Saturday, 26th April, 2008.

Our registration facility is presently offline for a few days, so if you’re planning on joining us, please let me know as soon as possible by clicking HERE.

This month’s Breathing Space will have a theme around Pentecost, in preparation for Pentecost Sunday on 11th May, 2008. We’re looking forward to a special time in the presence of God and in community.

We hope you can join us.


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Stand By .. More Important Content is Coming

I just wanted to drop you a note to inform you that there are more chapters of our Wind Farm book reading on the way in the next few days, but that more importantly, I finally have some follow-up information regarding Danny Nalliah to share with you that I think will be of interest.

As you can imagine, as a broadcaster and voiceover artist, Christmas is a manic time, but add to that .. today is my 44th birthday!  So, rather than spend my birthday writing, I have had to keep my head down and my bum up to stay on top of the pre-Christmas workload while at the same time trying to get out of the studio early enough to enjoy some quiet time prior to my house being ganged-up on by family and friends.

Please check back in the next 24 hours or so .. and God bless you for your patience!


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Important Info About the Next Quiet Day

It has just recently come to my attention that the new commenting system I installed on the Wind Farm, may well have "broken" the internal mailing system of the site.

What that means is, if you have tried to inform me of your intention to come to the next Quiet Day, I may not have received what you thought you’d sent.

I’m so sorry for the inconvenience, but I have now managed to fix the problem and would ask that, if you’re coming to the next Quiet Day, would you mind resending your intention to be with us?

I know, I know. It’s a pain and it’s inconvenient, but it will help immensely now that we have the problem solved.

Click Here to resend your intention to attend the next Quiet Day on 8th December.

Thanks so much.


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