Paying The Ultimate Price

I would like to share a vision I have when I came across the story of Veronica Guerin. 

Veronica Guerin was an Irish journalist who was brutally murdered in 1996 at the culmination of an investigative report into organised drug running and crime operations in Ireland. 

The twelve months after Veronica Guerin’s death saw a series of remarkable changes in Ireland. One week after her death, the Irish government ratified a constitutional change allowing the freezing and seizure of illicitly gained assets resulting from crime. Over the twelve months following Mrs. Guerin’s death, there was an astounding galvanising of the people of Dublin that resulted in almost all of the drug dealers in that city being driven out by ordinary people while the main drug bosses were driven underground and their operations were significantly hampered. Almost all of the people involved in Mrs. Guerin’s death were apprehended and brought to justice while having their assets seized .. and overall, there was a 15% drop in crime nationwide.

I was left deeply pondering why it always seems to be that one person has to pay such a high price for so many others to find a way through to a new experience of life. How many times across history have we seen this happen? One person makes the sacrifice and it seem to be the catalyst that triggers sweeping change for countless men and women. 

I was moved to tears as I considered the pain being experienced by any individual in their quest to fulfill the thing that burns in their heart. I was overtaken by the pain and confusion that the individual’s loved ones are left with in the wake of them paying the highest price of all for the sake of their quest. 

I was left asking the Lord why that is. Why does an individual have to pay such a high price? 

As I was pondering this concept, the Lord overtook me with a vision of what’s really going on behind the scenes …. 

Suddenly I saw a small company of angels assigned to stand very close protective guard over the person chosen to pay such a price. These angels are commanded by the Lord to pay any price to protect their charge. The one they are protecting must arrive at the moment where the ultimate price can be paid .. for the good of all those who are to benefit from their sacrifice. 

In my vision I became aware of an increasing clamour as the angels war to defend their charge with all vehemence to ensure he or she makes it through to the end. The enemy is not deterred. He knows what it will look like if he loses to God’s intent through this individual. The enemy presses in harder, looking for weak spots. The angelic company close ranks to ensure that their charge makes it through. The enemy pushes harder. The clash of weaponry in the Spirit is deafening .. the roar of the Heavenly host intensifies as they spur on the Lord’s chosen one .. "come on, you can do it .. you can make it" .. "don’t give up, you must make it to the end" they cry .. and suddenly, the timing is right .. both history and destiny collide in a moment .. the Lord’s goal is achieved and at the same moment, a gun shot .. the price has been paid .. all of heaven gasps .. the great cloud of witnesses holds their breath .. "how will the people respond to the price that’s been paid for them?" .. "will it all be worth this individual’s training?" .. "will the people run with the opportunity that’s been given to them?" .. "will the Lord’s orchestration of their life be worth it? 

For therein lies the truth of the matter .. even though the angelic company was "defending" their charge, the fact is, they were meant to ensure that at just the right moment, the price was indeed paid by that individual .. even their life. This is why the Scripture says that "costly is death of His saints", because much has been invested into bringing them to the point where they would demonstrate their love for others by being willing to lay down their lives in the fulfillment of a plan much bigger than themselves .. but at any moment they may choose to say, "it’s all too hard, I can’t go on, I’m outta here!" 

Along the journey, they may not have understood what it was that was driving them. Oh, they could try to explain it as a passion for justice, a determination to make a difference, a commitment to changing the status quo .. but what even they may not have known is that it was God who had invested Himself into them all along, in the hope that they would make it to the end in order to see the goal achieved, the battle won. 

.. and here’s the most shocking thing for me about this whole experience .. 

God will ensure that the price is paid one way or the other and, if He can’t find a believer to follow Him, He will find an unbeliever who He can trust to at least see out the task to the end. 

Perhaps next time you are confused by your circumstances and yet feeling driven to pursue your goal come what may, you might stop and consider whether you too have been chosen for one of those moments when history and destiny might collide for the good of many who will come after you. If so, pay the price. We are with you!

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