Looking into a Mirror …

It has always fascinated me as to how things like music or movies can often parallel prophetic things that are being shared or proclaimed in the church. For example, when the "renewal", or Toronto Blessing, was in focus and things were being prophesied about eruptions of the power of God that would effect whole cities, I was fascinated that Hollywood released two films almost simultaneously about Volcanoes.

Remember Dante’s Peak with Pierce Brosnan and Volcano with Tommy Lee Jones? Think about it, two movies on a similar topic produced and released at almost the same time .. and there hasn’t been another of that kind released since. Again, at about the time people like Rick Joyner and others were prophesying parallels between the arrogant attitudes of those who built the Titanic and the American financial system, the movie Titanic was released and was proclaimed the biggest movie of all time, having run massively over-budget.

Now, this may seem suddenly off-topic, but there’s a reason for what I’ve already said, and for what I’m about to say, which will become clear in a moment. If you were to ask me how I would "label" my preferred expression of Christianity, I would answer by saying that I am Pentecostal .. but only in the way that that kind of experience and expression is described in the Scriptures; specifically in the Book of Acts. For the record, I am involved in the Spirit-filled expression of church .. but I am no longer a part of a Pentecostal church or movement .. even though I had been for many years previously. To explain, I got out of the Pentecostal movement partly because I could no longer tolerate Pentecostal-ism. I believe this kind of church expression has largely become a perverted westernised in-house culture that generally only serves itself. 

So, I moved "off-topic" for this one reason:  sometimes it is sheer arrogance on the part of us, the church, to not pay attention to what the world might be saying to us as they mirror our own behaviour. With that in mind, I encourage you to watch the attached video clip. It’s one of those comedy satires that is both funny and tart at the same time because it is so "sharp" in its observation. It is highly provocative and cuts close to the bone, so don’t write complaining saying you weren’t warned that it might offend you. Also, you will notice that it highlights Hillsong. Before you think I am taking a pot-shot at them specifically, I’m not. But, as you "look into the mirror" of this secular satire, be humble enough to watch it to discover just how the world sees our "contemporary church" expressions.

The point of all this?  We are certainly not helping ourselves but, more tragically, we may not be helping Jesus establish the Kingdom of God just as much as we think we are.


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