What a Month!

Over the last few years, its become more and more obvious that Green Tree Ministries, the prophetic ministry and training school I founded in 1998, has been evolving into a more fully rounded communications ministry, where the mediums of broadcasting and the Internet are primary areas of function.

For the past year or so, I have acted as the administrator of the Storm Harvest website for my good mate, Robert Holmes. Even though we haven’t been able to travel together in ministry as often as we used to, this has been one of the ways I can contribute to the ongoing development of his work.

In recent months, Rob and another close friend, Phil Beale, have been suggesting that they felt it was God’s pleasure for me to start to develop a webhosting arm to what we do at Green Tree Ministries. To be honest, I’ve resisted the suggestion for some time because I knew the work involved, but in the end, felt it was indeed time to do so.

So, last week, EzyWebsites.com.au was born .. and already we have a number of clients and ministres that have come on-board!

If you run a small business, a ministry, a company or you need a personal website for something like a blog or the like, now you can buy really stable, feature-rich webhosting at very competitive rates. EzyWebsites.com.au might be your answer. 

It’s been quite remarkable to watch how a simple willingness to align with the purposes of God has drawn people to it without even trying. Here’s an idea of who’s come to us already …

Prophetic Activation Schools

Vantage Automotive

Kingdom Harvest

Budget Leasing



In addition, I’m administrating …


Storm Harvest

Australian Prophetic Round Table

Grace Canberra


.. and course, we’re handling all of our own websites …


The Green Tree


the Wind Farm


As you can see, there’s been a lot on my plate lately, so please forgive the slow-down on new content being on the Wind Farm. There’s more to come this week though.

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