Prophetic School in Brisbane

I am away in Brisbane at the moment, teaching at the second of the Australian Prophetic Round Table’s Australian Prophetic Schools. We are at Calvary Family Church in Shailer Park which is based in a local shopping centre. They own half of the entire centre!

Bruce and Joan Sweet are the senior leaders and our hosts, and are wonderful people.

While the number of those attending this week is a little smaller than in Nowra a few months ago, they are very hungry and the feedback has been excellent so far. The daytime teaching sessions and practical workshops have given a great deal of meat to those who have come to learn, while the evening God Encounter meetings have seen God manifest Himself in remarkable and substantial ways.

Today is the last day of the school and I will again be teaching; this time on "Beholding and Becoming: the challenge for every prophet in a fast food world". This will involve sharing a great deal from my own personal journey with all its failures and some its successes, along with a distillation of some of the many things I’ve gleaned from my studies of Christian monasticism over these past couple of years. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Anyway, the Lord has been reminding me that I must finish writing the Reasons and Resonance series, which I will do upon my return. There have been legitimate reasons for why this hasn’t happened before now, but I believe they will help us understand why we need to learn some of the lessons from our book reading.

Pray for me today!  I don’t want to just impact these people. I want God to penetrate their hearts.


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