Breathing Space for June

Where on earth has the last month gone to??  I have been under a massive workload; bigger than I’ve known for the longest time, and I am desperate for Breathing Space .. literally!

This Saturday from 10am, you’re invited to join us at Winbourne in Mulgoa for our next quiet day; Breathing Space.

This month, things will be a little different to the norm. We will still enjoy times of structured corporate prayer, but we are going on a "visit to the monastery" in a virtual sense. At some point through the day, we’ll be running the movie Into Great Silence on the big screen in the Chapel where, in three hours, you will experience the silence and power of an entire year of monastic rhythm at the Grande Charteuse, the mother house of the Carthusians.

If you’d prefer to remain in prayer and solitude on the property, feel free. You will not be obliged to watch the movie, but for those who do, the experience will stay with you for a very long time.

Also, I would ask that you bring a simple packed lunch with you this time around with perhaps just a little extra in case any "unexpecteds" join us. While the shared meal is normally a special time, it can also be a "noisy" time, even though it’s shared in silence, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you’re able to join us, please let me know by visiting this LINK. You’ll find all the time and address details on the same page.

I hope to share some Breathing Space with you this weekend!


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