A “Slipstream Time”

I’m guessing you’ve noticed, but I’ve kind of had to let things go quiet here for a while as I”ve found myself in a season of business opportunity that’s unprecedented for Green Tree Ministries (the Wind Farm’s parent organisation).

We started Green Tree Ministries as very specifically a prophetic ministry. But over the years it’s becoming blatantly obvious that God was evolving us into a full-blown communications ministry, designed to work with and serve both Christian and commercial interests. As a result, over the last six months or so, and especially the last two or three, we’ve seen so many clear “God opportunities” come our way to develop into areas that is helping to keep us on or near the bleeding edge of communication, it’s just not funny.

By way of observation, something I’ve noticed about prophetic people in particular and Christians in general, is that they don’t or know how to, or even want to slow their lives down. And worse yet, out of their hectic pace, so many of these prophetic people keep speaking!  I’m in a season that is most certainly extremely hectic at the moment, but at least I’ve learned enough to just “shut up” until I can quiet myself long enough to hear something from Heaven worth saying!

In the meantime, it’s been “head down, and bum up” as my Dad would say, to stay on course through this “slipstream time” in God. What I mean by slipstream time is that rare time where God sweeps by you, and presents so much to you in doing so. As a result, His “movement” stirs up the atmosphere and, if you’re willing and ready, you can step into that and He’ll clear a path for you to move more rapidly, and go even further, with far less effort than you normally ever experience.

Well, that’s where I am right now … in the slipstream. But it’s a different one. This one is about business, service and provision rather than contemplative quietness (which I dearly miss). I’m looking forward to much quieter personal times ahead, but for now, it’s very much a time of “nose to the grindstone” to keep up with what God is doing with us, so forgive me if the posts here at the Wind Farm continue to be few and far between for a while longer.

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