Cultivating the Inner Life

Beginners must realize that in order to give delight to the Lord they are starting to cultivate a garden on very barren soil, full of abominable weeds. His majesty pulls up the weeds and plants good seed.

Now let us keep in mind that all of this is already done by the time a soul is determined to practice prayer and has begun to make use of it.

And with the help of God we must strive like good gardeners to get these plants to grow and take pains to water them so that they don’t wither but come to provide refreshment for this Lord of ours.

St. Teresa of Avila

From Midday Prayer Today …

O God, you both comfort me and disturb my complacency through your Spirit. May I recognize the blind, the lame and the prisoner in the circumstances of my life, and understand my call to proclaim the good news to the poor. I ask this through Jesus who is my way, my truth and my life.


Breathing Space Resources for July

Well, it’s been another busy week, but God has been very good to me through a couple of relationships that I honestly did not realise were key to my life, but clearly are. Have you ever had that happen to you?  Some people you’re connected to, are perhaps perceived by you to be on the perifery of your life, but then God uses them to speak deeply and profoundly to you in order to bring a breakthrough.

That’s certainly what happened for me this week, with a man much younger than myself. The arrogance of my age (nearly 45) enabled me to almost write this guy off as having anything of real value to bring to my life, other than to be a work colleague. How wrong I was!

I know of late I’ve made some well intentioned, but ultimately hollow promises to write about some particular topics, but these encounters, the most recent in particular, have set me free in some remarkable ways. So, I promise you, I will write about these things over the next week.

Will you hold me to it?  Good!

Anyway, tomorrow is July’s Breathing Space (our monthly quiet day .. a contemplative prayer experience in the monastic tradition), so I figured if you’re like my close friends Phil and Jeanette Beale, who now live and work in Dubai, and you cannot be with us tomorrow, you might like to conduct your own quiet day at some point in the near future, or even orient your schedule to be with us virtually (mystically) by using the liturgy planned for tomorrow to join us in prayer at the appropriate times.

Let me know if you do. I’d love to hear your feedback.

Grab the PDF here. You’ll be seeing it even before those who attend tomorrow’s Breathing Space!

Oh .. and here‘s some extra resources I’ll be distributing tomorrow to help some newcomers engage with the day.

Sydney Benedictine Experience ’08

The Sydney Benedictine Experience ’08 is coming up in November and you are most welcome to join us. I have already registered and am very much looking forward to my return visit to this outstanding retreat weekend.

It is being led by Father Michael King, a precious monk who is Abbot of Australia’s only Anglican Benedictine Abbey in Victoria, and is again being held at the Mount St Benedict Centre in West Pennant Hills. The dates are 21st – 23rd November, and the cost is only $300.00 which includes all meals, accommodation and materials for the weekend.

To get an idea of what last year’s retreat weekend was like, visit here.

In the meantime, download both the flyer and brochure (which includes the registration form), and perhaps we’ll see each other at this year’s Sydney Benedictine Experience.

Where Has the Time Gone?

As you’d be aware, these past few weeks have been immensely busy for me. I have finally completed the development of the new Storm Harvest website and, right now, I am working on the development of three other commercial sites for new clients who come to me from “who knows where”.

But, over the last few days, I’ve finally felt like I could get my head above water sufficiently to find some balance again. No restoration of rhythm yet mind you, but certainly it’s good to have some balance back .. and I’ll be writing more about that over the coming week.

In the meantime, it’s interesting to see how time just seems to scream by if you don’t take the time to engage with life itself. Some might suggest that working long hours and being constantly busy is engaging in life. But I beg to differ.

I’m sure it was just a tiny handful of years ago that my amazing wife, Jo, gave birth to our oldest daughter Alyshia. Tomorrow, she turns 16.

Where did all that time go?

She is studying for her learner driver’s permit, she’s gearing toward getting an apprenticeship as a hairdresser at the end of the year and in just two years she’ll be eligible to vote and be considered an adult by the state. Sooner than I’d like, she’ll be falling in love, planning a marriage, moving out of home and having children of her own.

How quickly life passes us by. How easily we allow “stuff” to get in the way of what’s really important.

More’s the point … how quickly I allow “stuff” to get in the way of what’s really important.

It’s on that subject that I’ll be writing over the next few days. I trust it will be worth your while to drop by again soon.



I Would Really Like it If ….

… you took the time to jump across to my friend Robert Holmes’ website. I have spent a lot of hours redeveloping both the entire back-end and the new template for him and we have just launched the new-look site this afternoon.

Go to and take a look around. I’m pretty pleased with it, I can tell you, but I’d love to hear what you think.

Plus, if you take the time to make the visit to Storm Harvest, you’ll understand why things have been a little quiet at the Wind Farm in recent weeks.

God bless you!


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What a Month!

Over the last few years, its become more and more obvious that Green Tree Ministries, the prophetic ministry and training school I founded in 1998, has been evolving into a more fully rounded communications ministry, where the mediums of broadcasting and the Internet are primary areas of function.

For the past year or so, I have acted as the administrator of the Storm Harvest website for my good mate, Robert Holmes. Even though we haven’t been able to travel together in ministry as often as we used to, this has been one of the ways I can contribute to the ongoing development of his work.

In recent months, Rob and another close friend, Phil Beale, have been suggesting that they felt it was God’s pleasure for me to start to develop a webhosting arm to what we do at Green Tree Ministries. To be honest, I’ve resisted the suggestion for some time because I knew the work involved, but in the end, felt it was indeed time to do so.

So, last week, was born .. and already we have a number of clients and ministres that have come on-board!

If you run a small business, a ministry, a company or you need a personal website for something like a blog or the like, now you can buy really stable, feature-rich webhosting at very competitive rates. might be your answer. 

It’s been quite remarkable to watch how a simple willingness to align with the purposes of God has drawn people to it without even trying. Here’s an idea of who’s come to us already …

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Breathing Space for June

Where on earth has the last month gone to??  I have been under a massive workload; bigger than I’ve known for the longest time, and I am desperate for Breathing Space .. literally!

This Saturday from 10am, you’re invited to join us at Winbourne in Mulgoa for our next quiet day; Breathing Space.

This month, things will be a little different to the norm. We will still enjoy times of structured corporate prayer, but we are going on a "visit to the monastery" in a virtual sense. At some point through the day, we’ll be running the movie Into Great Silence on the big screen in the Chapel where, in three hours, you will experience the silence and power of an entire year of monastic rhythm at the Grande Charteuse, the mother house of the Carthusians.

If you’d prefer to remain in prayer and solitude on the property, feel free. You will not be obliged to watch the movie, but for those who do, the experience will stay with you for a very long time.

Also, I would ask that you bring a simple packed lunch with you this time around with perhaps just a little extra in case any "unexpecteds" join us. While the shared meal is normally a special time, it can also be a "noisy" time, even though it’s shared in silence, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, if you’re able to join us, please let me know by visiting this LINK. You’ll find all the time and address details on the same page.

I hope to share some Breathing Space with you this weekend!


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An Update to Our Podcast via iTunes

Well, after nearly two years of successfully operating the Wind Farm Podcast via iTunes, for some unknown reason, they decided they could no longer read our podcast’s feed.

And it seems that we were not the only ones, as there has been a great deal of chatter about the problem online recently.

Anyway, I have managed to successfully update the podcast via iTunes but, even though they’d told us it would be reinstated with the same details, it wasn’t. Surprise, surprise.

As a result, I have updated all of the podcast links site-wide and would ask that you update your subscription via iTunes or your custom podcatcher. All you need to do is click on either of the relevant links in the left-hand column of the Wind Farm, or simply use the link below, and that will lead you to what needs updating.

Thanks for your understanding.



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Prophetic School in Brisbane

I am away in Brisbane at the moment, teaching at the second of the Australian Prophetic Round Table’s Australian Prophetic Schools. We are at Calvary Family Church in Shailer Park which is based in a local shopping centre. They own half of the entire centre!

Bruce and Joan Sweet are the senior leaders and our hosts, and are wonderful people.

While the number of those attending this week is a little smaller than in Nowra a few months ago, they are very hungry and the feedback has been excellent so far. The daytime teaching sessions and practical workshops have given a great deal of meat to those who have come to learn, while the evening God Encounter meetings have seen God manifest Himself in remarkable and substantial ways.

Today is the last day of the school and I will again be teaching; this time on "Beholding and Becoming: the challenge for every prophet in a fast food world". This will involve sharing a great deal from my own personal journey with all its failures and some its successes, along with a distillation of some of the many things I’ve gleaned from my studies of Christian monasticism over these past couple of years. It should be interesting, to say the least.

Anyway, the Lord has been reminding me that I must finish writing the Reasons and Resonance series, which I will do upon my return. There have been legitimate reasons for why this hasn’t happened before now, but I believe they will help us understand why we need to learn some of the lessons from our book reading.

Pray for me today!  I don’t want to just impact these people. I want God to penetrate their hearts.


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