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I’ve decided to sieze what I believe is a unique moment in time to exploit some emerging technologies for the benefit of others. It was Jesus who said "freely you have received, freely give". So, I’ve begun the redevelopment of The Green Tree site as a learning portal specifically for The Green Tree Prophetic Ministry School curriculum.

I’m in a season where it remains the Lord’s pleasure for me to be at home with my family and to stay focussed on my broadcasting opportunities. However, given this window of opporunity where a multitude of communications technologies have made the distance from each other inconsequential, I was prompted to ask myself "why should my time of staying at home mean that this material couldn’t still be "taught" using the amazing gift of the Internet?" The obvious answer to that question can be found at The Green Tree.

As a result, all people, everywhere now have the opportunity to study The Green Tree Prophetic Ministry School manuals on-line, in their own home, in their own time .. FREE OF CHARGE !!

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Virtual Reality

I’m wondering if I could spark some people to respond with comments.

To make a comment on any article on the site, just register in the login window to your right. It’s super-quick, only taking a few seconds. It’s free and we won’t bombard you with junk e-mail as a result. We actually value your privacy and your inbox.

My reason for asking is that I’d like you to give me, in your own words, a definition of "virtual reality".

I look forward to hearing what you have to say.


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Shortly, I’ll be writing an article on the "full circle journey" which so many Christians around the world appear to be experiencing, but few understand or even realise they’re on. For so many, the journey has involved following a call into "ministry" only to discover that that calling was in fact to be worked out in our regular daily lives and not as staff members of churches or as itinerant preachers.

Of course, as we make the journey, God sheds small amounts of light on our path to help us see the next step or two. It’s usually from this position that new insights are gained, books are written, conferences called and Christian fads ignite. The problem however, is that these momentary insights are literally that .. momentary. They are of the moment, for the moment .. designed to help us take the next few steps.

These insights are not full spectrum. They are the equivelent of seeing a room through a keyhole and nothing more.

One such momentary insight is marketplace ministry. And with all the continuing focus on this "ministry" as being an end in itself, I wonder what Saint Jerome (a.d. 345-420) of the early Middle Ages would have thought about it? I’ll let him speak for himself. He wrote:

“Avoid, as you would the plague, a clergyman who is also a man of business.”

Ouch! I’ll let you make of that what you will.


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Under Southern Stars

Believe it or not, dumped Australian Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone has written an ode to Australia and has even gone as far as to have a demo of the new song recorded by a singer with the Sydney Opera. The demo has been submitted to Sony BMG for consideration but no feedback has been received from them yet. But I must say, I find it pretty powerful and certainly the lyrics evoke a greater sense of national pride. In many ways perhaps, more than our current national anthem.

The original story can be read here.

To be honest, the demo audio does not do the lyrics justice (in my opinion) but it’s posted for you to get an idea of how it could sound.

Under Southern Stars

Home to first Australians,

Joined from near and far,

Shining light for freedom,

Under Southern Stars.

Nation made of many,

Bound in hope as one,

Building for the future,

Under Southern Sun.

Free and Friendly Nation,

Born of our own hand,

Peace our greatest virtue,

Mighty Southern Land.

Valiant into Battle,

Courage to the end,

Standing firm for freedom,

Loyal southern friend.

Nature’s earthly heaven,

Glory for our eyes,

Ours alone those treasures,

Under Southern Skies.

Shining light for Freedom

Under Southern Stars.


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