The Process We Employed with Danny Nalliah

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I am not interested in trying to "rub Danny’s nose in his own mess", but I am deeply convicted that I must try to help Danny, and others connected to his camp, to see the damage that has been done. 

For approximately five months I have been working steadily toward opening some kind of dialogue with Danny personally.

In late August / early September 2007, Robert Holmes and I wrote the first of two letters to Danny’s Melbourne offices. To date, neither of these has been specifically replied to nor our concerns specifically answered.

After due process was given and sufficient time allowed, both of these letters were subsequently published as open letters on both the Storm Harvest and Wind Farm websites. This was partly done in order to provoke at least some kind of response because Danny has proven extremely elusive in terms of being able to make direct contact with him.

The initial response, weeks after we published these letters, was that I had two very lengthy, but ultimately beneficial telephone conversations with an Assemblies of God pastor in Maitland named Bob Cotton, who is a long-time friend and strong ministry supporter of Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries.

These two calls totalled almost five hours with the first of these conversations initiated by Bob at Danny’s request.

After many weeks of trying, I was finally able to speak to Danny himself just prior to Christmas. We spent about 45 minutes in discussion, with only about 20 minutes of that being related to the specific issues in question.

A part of what I am at liberty to tell you about that conversation is that I learned the specific details about his meetings with both Peter Costello and John Howard in August, 2007.

I also learned that Danny employed the flawed practice of "throwing out a fleece" as a major foundation for his "prophetic process".

My call with Danny was a friendly and worthwhile conversation, but as I said in my previous post, it was frustrating at the same time, as it was ultimately far too short leaving such a long way to go with much more of future importance to Danny that needs to be discussed.

In addition to all this, I am delighted to report that on Tuesday night of this week, I had an excellent and very friendly conversation with Richard Warner; Senior Pastor of the Lighthouse Community Church, an Assembly of God in Melbourne, Victoria. Richard is a man with whom I am personally acquainted but who is also Danny Nalliah’s pastor. The conversation was frank but friendly, with Richard agreeing that the issues I raised were indeed valid and of real concern, not only to Danny, but to the future effectiveness of the Australian prophetic community in relation to our Federal Government and to the nation in general.

As a result of this outstanding conversation, Richard has given me some undertakings regarding Danny which I look forward to seeing implemented over the coming weeks.

It has also now been confirmed by Richard, after speaking with Danny, that during Robert Holmes‘ upcoming ministry visit to their church over the Australia Day long-weekend, Robert will definitely be spending some bulk one-one-one time in discussions and building relationship with Danny. 


To be frank, I’m not sure there are any .. yet.

I genuinely think we are still some weeks and/or months away from being able to totally put these matters behind us. But we must remember, to simply sweep all this under the carpet is no resolution at all. Consider that the Apostle Paul was not prepared to sweep the prophecy of Agabus under the carpet. He in fact wrote a stinging correction and rebuttal of Agubus’ word which he made available for all to read (as found in Acts 21:13). Likewise, we must stay with this matter until God is clearly satisfied with the maturity and thoroughness of our dealings.

Robert and myself are committed to seeing this process through to its conclusion for the good of all established and aspiring prophetic ministries in this country, and as a demonstration to Federal Government, the Australian church and the general public, that Australia’s prophetic ministries are prepared to "take responsibility for the conduct of their own" in order that we all might be found faithful, honourable and trustworthy in all we do.

However, in the meantime, and on this matter, I will now remain silent in the hope that all that needed saying by Robert and I has finally been said. Dear Jesus! Let it be so!

We would appreciate your continued prayer support.

Grace and peace!



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