I Think Enough’s Enough

It is now almost eight weeks after the Australian Federal Election of November 24th, 2007 and still, almost half the traffic to the Wind Farm continues to do with people either looking for answers, or fuel for their fires, regarding Danny Nalliah.

In the first instance, Robert Holmes and I published our prophetic insight regarding the election as an audio interview, which you can still listen to here. We did so partly as a response to Danny’s prophecy, but mainly because Robert and I believed we had some prophetic insight into the election which we felt would be beneficial to the Christian community.

After the election result, our subsequent "calling out" of Danny in the public arena was indeed partly designed as a peer-level rebuke. But its main purpose was to provoke a response from Danny, because he had proven difficult to access personally in order for us to share our concerns with him privately. We had hoped to engage him in an ongoing dialogue with a view to forming some kind of relationship that would ultimately prove to be a healthy one; beneficial to us all.

To some degree, our actions have had their desired effect. I have now had the opporunity to speak with Danny personally and I have also had an excellent discussion with his pastor, Richard Warner. Richard, in turn, has set up some time for Danny and Robert Holmes to finally meet for, what we hope, will be the first of many friendly and fruitful times together.

With this in mind, it seems pointless to me to leave material on this website that may now simply fuel the fire, when what Robert and I are now looking for, is a way to apply a healing balm to the matter for the profit of all.

Therefore, all but the initial prophecy and this explanation has now been pulled down.

After eight weeks, I believe we should all now have enough information to make an informed personal decision about these issues. If not, then I would ask, what are we all looking for? Are we trying to simply pick another fight? Are we trying to prove ourselves right? Or worse, are we actually baying for Danny’s blood?

I for one am definitely not without sin, so I’m laying down my stones. To coin a Dr Phil-ism, I don’t want to be a "right fighter" .. I want to be a heart winner! So, if I am honest in what I’m hearing the soft, still voice of God whispering to me, I would have to say that what began in good intention, has become a distraction of grand proportions from the Work of God entrusted to me .. so it is time to move on.

To Danny and all my readers .. if my actions or language, in anything you have read here on the Wind Farm, has come off as arrogant, inappropriate or downright proud .. I offer you my humble and unreserved apology. To those readers who may be wondering why I’m taking this step .. I would say that while I am glad to have initiated what was hopefully some healthy debate about the issues related to this matter, it is not my intention to spend more time than is neccesary on it, nor do I desire to perpetuate what may ultimately become a toxic discussion if it is carried on too long.

Let’s all choose to trust that God is moving on all the hearts concerned and that He will work it all out to His glory, for we are indeed all called according to His purposes.

May the Kingdom come in our hearts and ultimately on the earth!


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