A Case For and Against Cathedrals

I was getting ready yesterday to go out to my Grandmother’s 95th birthday celebrations. While I was in that “autopilot” mode you get into while showering and dressing, I found my mind wandering to considering some of the larger organised churches around Australia and other parts of the world and was surprised by what the Lord showed me.

I was considering Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas when my mind then meandered from the huge Minster (or Cathedral) in York, England to St Andrews Cathedral in Sydney. Then my thinking wandered to the Crystal Cathedral, then to Paradise Community Church in Adelaide, South Australia, to Christian City Church and Hillsong Church in Sydney .. and here is what the Lord said …

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Some New Old Values

Western Society is in such a rush to arrive .. to have been seen to have “made it”. But, how much human devastation have you seen resulting from men and women who get what they want without the life-change to enable them to do well with it?

It’s my belief that God is less interested in our destination as He is in the journey to get us there. I hold to the realisation that it is what we learn and who we become ON the journey that will sustain us when we get to our destination.

In other words .. ‘what it took to get you there is what it will take to keep you there’.

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We Might Have Gotten It Wrong

Here’s the thing .. Jesus said “I will build my church ..” and then He commanded the disciples to go and extend the Kingdom the way He’d showed them over nearly two years; by healing the sick, casting out devils, raising the dead etc.

Notice this .. Jesus said “I” and “my”. HE’S the builder of the church, NOT us! Our only role is to extend His Kingdom. That will always be through incarnational acts such as social justice, the healing of the sick, liberating the oppressed, feeding the hungry, loving the hurting, but it is still the ONLY thing we were commanded to do .. extend His Kingdom.

So let me ask you .. why is that we pray “God, extend your Kingdom” while we are busy building the church? I think we’ve got it all wrong and at some point someone is going to wise up and put the horse back in front of the cart.

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