What’s the Deal with the Wind Farm?

The last week of quietness has been deeply beneficial. As I’ve been quiet, it’s become clear that I need to share something with you. I present the following for your consideration …

Almost two years ago, after I resigned my position in leadership of our church at the time, I began seeking God for a new experience of church. Something with more depth, more life, more liberty, more connection to the ancient nature of our Christian faith rather than the shallowness of what has become the norm for most Pentecostal environments. I was looking to God for something more authentic, more substantial, with a sense of richness and heritage that could be coupled with the joyous truths I had come to know over my years of growing in the Spirit and in things prophetic.

During that time of earnest seeking, God showed me a vision of a group of tall wind turbines standing near one another on a windy hill .. just like the image you see above.

Visions are rarely blatant statements. They are metaphors; images and language designed to illustrate and point us to an underlying truth. Metaphors are the regular diet of the prophetic. They are the language of God.

Upon seeing this vision of a group of tall wind turbines standing near one another on a windy hill, I asked the Lord what I was looking at and heard Him tell me that He was looking for groups of people who were deeply and firmly rooted in the foundations of the ancient nature of the Christian faith, making them immovable, unshakable against the storms of life and the whims of fancy. People able to stand tall in the things they believe and practice.

However, He made it clear that being immovable and unshakable does not mean inflexible. For, like the head of a wind turbine, God was looking for these same people to be able to discern the direction and be willing to turn their faces into the wind of the Spirit, converting the power of that Godly breeze into something usable and sustainable on the earth for the good of all people.

This may sound high-falootin’, but it isn’t really. Not if you stop and think about it.

Put simply, I believe God is looking to build communities of people who can take the best of the ancient wisdom and practices of our spiritual forefathers and learn to combine it with the insights and somewhat restored (yet still spasmodic) manifestations of the early church, to create a depth and substance of Christian spirituality and community experience, that so many are longing for in our day.

With all that in mind, tomorrow I’ll tell you about an "experiential experiment" we intend embarking on as early next month, designed to begin testing the waters of this vision.

Stay tuned …..

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