An Unexpected Life Lesson …

Technology speaks as a mirror reflecting a powerful Kingdom principle. Let me explain …
I do a fair bit of work in broadcasting. Earlier today, I was standing in the Master Control Room at Sydney’s 1032, one of the Christian radio stations I work for, and was chatting with the station’s chief technician. We were marvelling at how things in that room had changed since the days when both of us worked for 2WS, the previous radio station to own the studio complex.
Equipment racks that once filled the room with analogue broadcasting gear have now been reduced to a quarter of those originally needed because of newer digital technology. Huge cable ducts that were built into the concrete slab floor of the room are now empty channels, as all of the audio cabling has been transferred to a handful of CAT6 networking cables.
I said to Jack, "Hasn’t this room changed?!"  He then took me to a rack unit and showed me some new servers being installed. In comparison with some of the older ones yet to be replaced, these new ones are tiny! And Jack said, ".. but they’re filled with terabytes."
I replied that it "… was amazing how everything was becoming smaller but more powerful." And then, when going our separate ways, I joked with Jack saying, "It’s just like old age .. you get smaller, but you get more powerful!"
We laughed … but then God spoke to me. "It’s the same in the Kingdom", He said, "The smaller you get, the more powerful you become".
What a truth!  And what a lifetime challenge!  Because everything about my fallen humanity wants to become bigger, to have more and to become higher in profile. But the "smaller" I get, the more of Jesus I reflect, and ultimately, the more powerful I become in the Kingdom as a result.
Oh, that we would learn this lesson!

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