What Do I Long For?

If you’ve been waiting patiently, I owe you an apology. I had hoped to write up my insights from our Book Reading before now. However, after a week of being involved in teaching at the first Australian Prophetic School, new contract negotiations with a commercial radio station I work with, helping some friends through a crisis, and newly taking on the role as the afternoon Drivetime host on ultra106five in Hobart, Tasmania (isn’t Internet technology amazing??), I just haven’t been able to get to it. It is never far from my mind or heart, so I promise you I will take the time over the next week to write it up.

In the meantime, Pauline, who regularly attends Breathing Space (our quiet days) each month, has asked that I consider sharing something I was motivated to write during our last time together. On this Good Friday for 2008, may these thoughts stir your heart to consider deeply the freedoms won for us by Christ …

What Do I Long For?

I long to be with people who embrace ancient words as real and alive for today.

I long to be with people who say and pray these words with conviction, because they are striving to live the things they say.

I long to know God more .. to overcome my own willingness to push Him aside.

I long to experience a life of stability, of rhythm, of order, of beauty .. of quietness.

I long to live a life filled with adventure with God .. where everything about my life points to Him.

I long to have a life that, when "audited", is found to be full and not lacking in its actions compared to its intentions.

I long to live a life rich with times of solitude and full with rich relationships.

I long to be enjoyed even as I seek to enjoy others.

I long to live a life unafraid of what others may do to me.

I long to live a life of heroism and hiddenness.

I long for the outside to match the inside, and for the inside to surpass the outside.

I long to live, really live, with God.

I long, really long, to know Christ.

I long to know the ways of the Spirit, even by a whisper.

I long to see all of His promises to me fulfilled.

I long to live a life that pleases God, so He might call me "friend".


May this Easter be a time of real promise for you, as together, we journey to know God even as we are already known by Him.


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