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I was recently watching a phenomenal version of the story of The Virgin Queen on Foxtel. It was a very detailed two-part adaptation of the historical story in which there were three quotes that really stirred my heart and caused me to think about spiritual things. Each of them were quotes from Queen Elizabeth I’s dialogue. I’d be interested to hear how they stir you.

ImageSpeaking about the growing tensions between the Roman Catholic and Protestant churches …

"There is but one Jesus Christ .. the rest is trifles."


Speaking about her power and lineage …

"Our royal blood is from birth. How we use its power thereafter is from choice."


Speaking about her 44 year reign as sovereign …

"To be a King and to wear a crown is a thing more glorious for those who see it, than it is pleasant for those who bear it."

Consider their spiritual application and let’s hear from you what’s stirring.

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