Time to Be Quiet

After a 14 hour battle with my computer that ended at 1am this (Thursday) morning following corruption to my anti-virus/anti-malware software caused by a spurious Microsoft Automatic Update, I spent some time in prayer before going to bed. During prayer, I read these words from Thomas à Kempis ..

No man appears in safety before the public eye unless he first relishes obscurity. No man is safe in speaking unless he loves to be silent.

What powerful statements, both of which I’ve learned the hard way. But it was the second statement that spoke to me while in prayer. So, after a few weeks where there has been much to say, it’s now time to be quiet for a little while. In about a week I’ll share something exciting with you, but until then .. silence.

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I’m Still Alive .. Really

Well, I must apologise for being so quiet for what seems like ages. Actually, I would to God that I had been quiet! In reality, things have been busier than I've known them for a very long time. Part of that has been planned, part of it just circumstantial.

By way of explanation, I have almost totally redeveloped The Green Tree website as a FREE learning portal for anyone wishing to study the prophetic ministry. That has taken hours of concentrated effort. Add to that, we have been doing a major upgrade to
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Covenant .. the Nature of God

ImageKerry Denten has produced a new spoken-word album featuring selected Scriptures and amazing music by Peter Shurley. The album is called Covenant and features 9 tracks looking at 11 of the covenant names of God.

During the course of planning this project, Kerry spent some time investigating the right type of music to use as the backing of the Scriptures he chose to voice for Covenant.

As a result of a mutual friend, Peter Shurley gifted Kerry with full permission to use the whole of his instrumental devotional album “Still“; as the backing for Covenant.

So, an idea dropped into Kerry’s heart about 15 years ago by Alison Chant, wife of renowned Bible teacher Dr Ken Chant, has borne much fruit.

You can preview Covenant by clicking on the player above and you can even buy the album right here in the new Wind Farm Shop. You can choose to immediately download the album for either your MP3 player or for your iPod .. or we can ship you a CD within 14 days.

The Wind Farm Shop also features downloadable versions of The Green Tree Prophetic School manuals or you can buy them on CD-ROM. This school is one of the most comprehensive prophetic schools available and was written by Kerry Denten.


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A Busy Couple of Weeks

These past couple of weeks have been very busy with the additional workload of “floating” for FM103.2 in Sydney. As a result, I’ve had to focus my attention on keeping my head above water rather than on writing and blogging. Add to that that I have been working on the redevelopment of two of our three websites and it’s made for an extremely busy schedule.

I’m excited to say that our main website .. www.kerrydenten.com .. now has a fully functional on-line shop and, for the first time, we’re offering the spoken word album Covenant via download in both MP3 format and M4A, a format specifically for iPods. We’ve also made The Green Tree Prophetic Ministry School curriculum available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

At some point in the near future it is also our aim to redevelop the Green Tree Ministries website as a portal for students to study our prophetic curriculum on-line with all lectures streaming in CD quality. The entire curriculum, including all lectures, will also be available for purchase via download.

Even though I’ve had all that on my plate and haven’t had nearly as much time for writing, I have almost completed work on a follow-up article to Impact v’ Penetration. I hope it will answer some of the questions the first article raised.


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Sites & Books of Interest

There’s lots of reading going on at my place at present .. both on-line and in traditional “Gutenberg” form. Perhaps you’d like to join me in reading some of this material for yourself?

One book I am really enjoying is “Liquid Church” by Pete Ward. It really resonates. He’s not saying too much that’s new to those of us on the journey of rethinking church life, but the way he presents his premise is extremely thought provoking. Kind of like looking at the same diamond from a different facet. Excellent stuff.

Look at the links at the side of the page and choose either “Books of Interest” or “Sites of Interest”. All the details about “Liquid Church” and so much more can be found there. I’d also urge you to visit  www.sacredspace.ie  It’ll bless your socks off!

Enjoy the adventure of discovery!

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