I Think Enough’s Enough

It is now almost eight weeks after the Australian Federal Election of November 24th, 2007 and still, almost half the traffic to the Wind Farm continues to do with people either looking for answers, or fuel for their fires, regarding Danny Nalliah.

In the first instance, Robert Holmes and I published our prophetic insight regarding the election as an audio interview, which you can still listen to here. We did so partly as a response to Danny’s prophecy, but mainly because Robert and I believed we had some prophetic insight into the election which we felt would be beneficial to the Christian community.

After the election result, our subsequent "calling out" of Danny in the public arena was indeed partly designed as a peer-level rebuke. But its main purpose was to provoke a response from Danny, because he had proven difficult to access personally in order for us to share our concerns with him privately. We had hoped to engage him in an ongoing dialogue with a view to forming some kind of relationship that would ultimately prove to be a healthy one; beneficial to us all.

To some degree, our actions have had their desired effect. I have now had the opporunity to speak with Danny personally and I have also had an excellent discussion with his pastor, Richard Warner. Richard, in turn, has set up some time for Danny and Robert Holmes to finally meet for, what we hope, will be the first of many friendly and fruitful times together.

With this in mind, it seems pointless to me to leave material on this website that may now simply fuel the fire, when what Robert and I are now looking for, is a way to apply a healing balm to the matter for the profit of all.

Therefore, all but the initial prophecy and this explanation has now been pulled down.

After eight weeks, I believe we should all now have enough information to make an informed personal decision about these issues. If not, then I would ask, what are we all looking for? Are we trying to simply pick another fight? Are we trying to prove ourselves right? Or worse, are we actually baying for Danny’s blood?

I for one am definitely not without sin, so I’m laying down my stones. To coin a Dr Phil-ism, I don’t want to be a "right fighter" .. I want to be a heart winner! So, if I am honest in what I’m hearing the soft, still voice of God whispering to me, I would have to say that what began in good intention, has become a distraction of grand proportions from the Work of God entrusted to me .. so it is time to move on.

To Danny and all my readers .. if my actions or language, in anything you have read here on the Wind Farm, has come off as arrogant, inappropriate or downright proud .. I offer you my humble and unreserved apology. To those readers who may be wondering why I’m taking this step .. I would say that while I am glad to have initiated what was hopefully some healthy debate about the issues related to this matter, it is not my intention to spend more time than is neccesary on it, nor do I desire to perpetuate what may ultimately become a toxic discussion if it is carried on too long.

Let’s all choose to trust that God is moving on all the hearts concerned and that He will work it all out to His glory, for we are indeed all called according to His purposes.

May the Kingdom come in our hearts and ultimately on the earth!


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This’ll Get You Thinking ….

I stumbled on this video and was really impressed that it was produced by an Australian church. As a professional broadcaster, I was totally blown away by the outstanding production values. This is some of the best, most thought provoking video I’ve ever seen an Aussie church produce. You can download a range of material from them here


"The highest heavens belong to the LORD, but the earth he has given to man."
Psalm 115:16

It’s been our responsibility from the start! No wonder it’s such a mess. There’s no-one else to blame but ourselves.

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A Book Reading .. Chapter 3

ImageFinally we are able to return to reading the antique book I acquired a few months ago. In this chapter there will be a few “bones” for you pick from the meat and perhaps discard, particularly in relation to church government, but you are mature enough to do that. However, I want to encourage you, when reading these chapters, to read with an eye and a heart searching for principle and wisdom rather than detail. If you will “read beneath the surface” and listen with the ear of your heart, I believe you will find a treasure trove of riches.

III.   The Two Kinds of Ministry

Our Lord sent His apostles into the villages, bidding them practise works of divine goodness, they were to preach, to heal the sick and to cast out devils. And the disciples went forth and returned with joy, saying: “Lord, the devils also are subject to us in Thy Name” (St. Luke 10:1-17).

This was the ordinary and exterior ministry of action, and it is both necessary and fertile in results; it is fundamental in the organization of the Church, and the usual means of its growth. But it alone does not suffice, for it breaks down in face of certain difficulties, and then we must have recourse to another ministry with spiritual powers and instruments, which may be called the ministry of divine union. I call it a ministry, for in every organic body there must be a special organism for the performance of each organic function. The Church is the mystical body of Christ, and if the active functions require active organs, no less do the contemplative functions require contemplative organs, and these organs and their functions make up the ministry of divine union, for their aim is to remain close to God, and to derive from Him the treasures of the divine life.

In the social organization of the Church this two-fold ministry corresponds to the two-fold grace which bestows the divine life in its fulness upon each individual soul. There is an active grace, setting in motion the activities of the soul, and determining and maintaining them; this is called actual grace. But there is another kind of grace, higher and more spiritual, which binds the soul to God, and raises it to an ever closer union with Him, and this is sanctifying grace. Likewise in the Church there is the two-fold ministry of action and of union; the former refers more directly to men, acts upon them and exercises over them the influence of God’s power; the other refers more directly to God, and is in more immediate communication with Him, so as to derive from Him what it is the task of the active ministry to distribute.

Is this not the principle governing every living organism? In each man’s body are two classes of organs, those of nutrition and those of relation; the action of the former is interior and that of the latter is exterior. The fundamental law is life; the body is made to live, and when it ceases to live, it decays. Life must be nourished, supported and increased from within; it must defend and recruit itself, act and be propagated without. Therefore the very law of life requires there to be some organs destined to discharge the interior functions and others to discharge the exterior functions of life. Both are necessary to life, and together they compose the body, and their combined functions secure sustenance and activity to life.

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The Process We Employed with Danny Nalliah

Like I said in one of my previous posts, I am not interested in trying to "rub Danny’s nose in his own mess", but I am deeply convicted that I must try to help Danny, and others connected to his camp, to see the damage that has been done. 

For approximately five months I have been working steadily toward opening some kind of dialogue with Danny personally.

In late August / early September 2007, Robert Holmes and I wrote the first of two letters to Danny’s Melbourne offices. To date, neither of these has been specifically replied to nor our concerns specifically answered.

After due process was given and sufficient time allowed, both of these letters were subsequently published as open letters on both the Storm Harvest and Wind Farm websites. This was partly done in order to provoke at least some kind of response because Danny has proven extremely elusive in terms of being able to make direct contact with him.

The initial response, weeks after we published these letters, was that I had two very lengthy, but ultimately beneficial telephone conversations with an Assemblies of God pastor in Maitland named Bob Cotton, who is a long-time friend and strong ministry supporter of Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries.

These two calls totalled almost five hours with the first of these conversations initiated by Bob at Danny’s request.

After many weeks of trying, I was finally able to speak to Danny himself just prior to Christmas. We spent about 45 minutes in discussion, with only about 20 minutes of that being related to the specific issues in question.

A part of what I am at liberty to tell you about that conversation is that I learned the specific details about his meetings with both Peter Costello and John Howard in August, 2007.

I also learned that Danny employed the flawed practice of "throwing out a fleece" as a major foundation for his "prophetic process".

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Responding to Mrs S. Anderson

You would have noticed by now, that the frequency of new content on the Wind Farm has slowed down a little in the last month or so. There are a variety of reasons for that, but the primary one is, that I didn’t want to keep posting new content until I felt I had brought a measure of closure to the whole issue of Danny Nalliah and the Australian Federal Election of November last year.

Before I give you a report on our efforts so far, allow me to respond to Mrs S. Anderson’s comment on my previous post. She writes .. "I don’t mean to be rude, but I am wondering by what authority you make some of these statements…I mean who are you and what gives you the authority to censure and correct? I have been a christian for 30 years in the evangelical and pentecostal church and I have never heard of either you or your other writer"  (meaning Robert Holmes).

That’s a great question Mrs Anderson! (Her thoughful, heartfelt comment can be read in its entirety here). She raises two very valid and important issues to which I’d like to respond in reverse order.

"I have been a christian for 30 years in the evangelical and pentecostal church and I have never heard of either you or your other writer."

Until today, I had never heard of Mrs S. Anderson either. But because I do not know her, it does not invalidate her. I must take it on trust that she is who she says she is .. and I do indeed trust that all she has said about her life experience is true.

Likewise, I too have been a committed Christian for 30 years in the evangelical and Pentecostal church. The last 15 of those years has been spent largely in prophetic ministry. I have a well-received prophetic curriculum available on-line free-of-charge at The Green Tree, I have travelled extensively in prophetic ministry over many years and have keynoted many prophetic conferences, schools and intensives. I am also a standing invitee to the Australian Prophetic Round Table which is a group of recognised prophetic ministries all working toward finding a way to walk together in close relationship, hopefully, to the profit of all.

However, I also recognise the truth in principle behind Paul’s statement in 1 Corinthians 9:2, in which he says "Even though I may not be an apostle to others, surely I am to you."  In other words, Paul is acknowledging that his ministry is recognised by some and not by others .. and he’s OK with that, knowing that this does not invalidate him. In the case of Mrs S. Anderson never having heard of me .. I’m totally OK with that too .. but likewise, that does not invalidate my own place of ministry, service and responsibility among the Body of Christ.

"… by what authority do you make some of these statements …"

The short answer is .. absolutely none. The slightly longer answer is based on an understanding of four passages of Scripture …

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A Danny Nalliah Update .. and a Blessing

Well, happy new year!!  It is the afternoon of the 2nd of January 2008 and even though I’ve had some time off … I’m weary.

The two weeks leading up to Christmas were frantic in terms of my broadcasting load. As an example, one day in the fortnight prior to Christmas, I covered 7½ hours of radio and voiced 35 commercials in a single day. That’s insane!!

From there, the few days prior to Christmas were equally busy with my wife’s sister, our brother-in-law and our beautiful little niece landing on us from New Zealand to stay for 10 days. They arrived just in time for my wife’s birthday which saw 17 of us gather for dinner. Then a few days later it was the "late night" of Christmas Eve, as last minute preparations needed to be made. On top of our NZ family being with us for Christmas, we also had my Mum and Dad staying for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. We had a full house .. and VERY full bellies!

Boxing Day saw us host our first family Christmas season meal at our home. So again, the day after Christmas, we had nearly 20 people gather and I handled most of the cooking for the day. I bake a mean glazed ham on the barbecue, let me tell you!

My secret?
Remove the skin and excess fat from the ham leg. Score the ham with a knife about 0.5cm deep in a criss-cross fashion. Where the scores meet in a kind of cross, push a whole clove into each score. Then take 1½ cups of bourbon, 3 cups of pineapple juice and ½ cup of maple syrup, all mixed together in a bowl, and regularly baste the ham (like every 10-15 minutes) using a turkey baster (this is waaaaay easier than using a brush .. I found that out the hard way).

Bake it on your hooded barbecue on a wire rack inside a roasting tray, at no more than 150° celcius for about three hours. But here’s the BIG secret. Regularly sprinkle Muscavardo Sugar on it after each time you’ve basted it. This sugar is unrefined and full of natural molasses which aids in adding a dark toffee colour and lovely flavour to the glaze.

Once it’s done, let it rest uncovered for about half an hour to cool a little. Preferably do this inside to protect the ham from bugs that will be attracted to the sweetness. Then carve, serve and eat it. Sensational!

Add to that, I made an early-morning round-trip to the Sydney International Airport this morning to drop our New Zealand family off for their flight home. We’re all feeling tired, but also a little sad today, because it may be another couple of years before we again all get to see these precious people who mean so very much to us.


I am still working diligently on holding Danny Nalliah accountable for his failed prophecy over the recent Federal Election. I am not interested in trying to "rub Danny’s nose in his own mess", but am deeply convicted that I must help Danny, and others connected to his camp, to see the damage that has been done over his subsequent poor handling of the failed word. I am determined to not let this matter drop until we gain a suitable and appropriate response from Danny for the praying public of Australia. At this stage, I am not yet ready to present a full report to you on the matter .. but I am almost there.

What I can report is, that I have had two very lengthy, but ultimately beneficial discussions with Bob Cotton; an AOG pastor in Maitland, a long-time friend and strong ministry supporter of Danny and Catch the Fire Ministries. The first of these conversations was initiated by Bob at Danny’s request, with Danny apparently concerned over whether we were going to deal with him harshly. Hence, he let Bob do the leg work prior to being willing to personally speak with either Robert Holmes or myself.

However, after many weeks of trying through correspondence sent to Danny’s office, plus communicating through the "Cotton filter" (pardon the pun), I was finally able to speak to Danny himself. We spent about 45 minutes in discussion. It was friendly and worthwhile, but frustrating at the same time, as there is still a long way to go with much more of future importance to Danny that needs to be discussed.

At this stage, I have one more telephone conversation to make with someone connected to Danny and, once that call has been made, I will issue a full report on these discussions, the position Danny verbalised to me personally, and ultimately our ongoing concerns over this matter. I will also be sure to include the reasons why neither Robert nor I are prepared to let this matter be swept under the carpet.

I know you have been waiting patiently for much longer than I’d hoped, and I’d like to thank you for your patience, but I want to assure you that we are indeed still working on it and more information will be available shortly.

In the meantime, the following is my prayer for you in 2008 …

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