A Word About the Up-Coming Federal Election

ImageOn Wednesday 22nd August, 2007, my good friend Robert Holmes of Storm Harvest and I, had a telephone conversation in which we discussed Australia’s up-coming Federal Election. Together, we shared our insights about what we perceive will be the likely outcomes of the election. That conversation was recorded in the Green Tree Ministries studio and is presented below for your input, discernment and prayer.

It is interesting to note that since this conversation was recorded, Prime Minister John Howard has come under significant pressure from a number of quarters, to stand down and hand over leadership of the Liberal Party and the Prime Ministership to his deputy, Peter Costello.

At the same time, Kevin Rudd appears to have won significant favour with the Chinese Prime Minister because of his ability to hold what seemed to be an engaging series of conversations in fluent Mandarin.

A part of what motivated our discussion was our concern over Pastor Danny Nallliah of Catch the Fire Ministries having sent out the e-mail below to an extensive mailing list of Christian supporters. As you prepare to read it, allow me to preface it by saying that if Danny’s predictive prophecy to both John Howard and Peter Costello is correct, then, in the light of the pressure being brought to bear on John Howard to stand down, it will only be an extremely short-term fulfillment.

Please be clear that neither Robert or

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