A Busy Couple of Weeks

These past couple of weeks have been very busy with the additional workload of “floating” for FM103.2 in Sydney. As a result, I’ve had to focus my attention on keeping my head above water rather than on writing and blogging. Add to that that I have been working on the redevelopment of two of our three websites and it’s made for an extremely busy schedule.

I’m excited to say that our main website .. www.kerrydenten.com .. now has a fully functional on-line shop and, for the first time, we’re offering the spoken word album Covenant via download in both MP3 format and M4A, a format specifically for iPods. We’ve also made The Green Tree Prophetic Ministry School curriculum available for download in Adobe Acrobat format.

At some point in the near future it is also our aim to redevelop the Green Tree Ministries website as a portal for students to study our prophetic curriculum on-line with all lectures streaming in CD quality. The entire curriculum, including all lectures, will also be available for purchase via download.

Even though I’ve had all that on my plate and haven’t had nearly as much time for writing, I have almost completed work on a follow-up article to Impact v’ Penetration. I hope it will answer some of the questions the first article raised.


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Impact v’s Penetration – Part 1

It’s funny how God works. Sometimes it’s even funnier when we consider how God speaks. He is the creator of all languages, both verbal and non-verbal.With me, He frequently communicates through visual images on a screen or a billboard or in a book or magazine. He sometimes brings back to mind the voices of other people, with the replay of their statements running around inside me like records with the needle stuck in the groove. All the while those kinds of communications are being “transmitted”, God is trying to communicate an underlying truth .. the real purpose of His triggering the latest game of revelatory “hide and seek”. This article is a bit like that.

At the outset, let me tell you that what you are about to read is going to feel like together you and I are jumping from one moment in time to the next paying no attention to lineal chronology. However, what you will discover is an attempt to unfold what God has been saying. So, close your eyes, start counting backwards from 10 to 1, then come looking for what God is hiding ………………

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A Lenten Prayer

When I was born again, I was first involved with a high Anglican church. I loved it .. all the pomp and circumstance. It had the capacity to stoke the showmanship of a precocious fresh teen at the age of 12. All the grandeur. But then I grew a little older in my late teenage years and became very jaded with it all because the ancient rituals seemed to have so little contemporary relevance to a teenager from Sydney in the 1970
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Figuring Out Church

We are not in search of a new church to join at present. What we are in is a search to find a new way of being church. Two very different mindsets .. and that’s what I liked about this article. It challenges mindsets and it shifts the focus.

What I mean is, so much of what I read coming out of the emerging and/or emergent church community, has its focus on what’s wrong with the institutional church. We’ve just left one, so heck, we know there’s a bunch wrong with it! What I’m interested in is what might be right with the things that God has us pursuing at the moment. It’s the difference between always looking back and starting to look forward to the new thing God would have us invest ourselves in.

This article puts the onus onto the searcher, rather than the church. Now while that may not be a popular approach in much that is being written and blogged today, I must say I like it!

It is re-printed for your consideration:

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